Refund and Returns Policy

Service Cancellation

Regarding service cancellation, either requested from customer side or due to our decision to perform service cancellation due to any customer violations, service will be cancelled immediately up on decision taken and no refund will be issued unless we state otherwise.

Also, for any service(s) that are running as monthly subscription, billing agreement will be terminated by the end of the current billing cycle but the provided service(s) will be stopped immediately once the cancellation decision is taken.

If the customer wants to cancel (discontinue) the service, the cancellation request must be submitted before the start of the 1st of the next month (before the start of next billing cycle), so, we will take the appropriate action regarding this request.

If the customer did not submit a cancellation request and had been charged automatically on the 1st of the next following month(s), then this charge is not refundable and can’t be disputed or charged back and the customer will be responsible for this payment.


We accept return and/or refund with the following terms.

  • The service is not running or the customer will not be able to use the service due to issue from our side.
  • The customer must contact us within maximum 5 working days of the purchase (order) date and request the return or refund through our toll free number (+1) 888-582-6840 or through the contact us form on our online store or by sending an email to (
  • The customer must inform us the reason of the return or refund request and the reason must be reasonable and accepted by us.
  • In case we accept the return and/or refund, we will process the request within 7 working days.
  • If the customer requests a shipping of physical calling card, then the physical card must be shipped back to us before we can start process the return and/or refund request and customer must pay the shipping cost for returning the physical card to us and it must be return as purchased including all the shipped accessories and any other materials if were included in the original shipment.
  • We will refund only the remaining card balance if it was used from the customer side and we will charge 12% as refunding fees for the amount of the remaining balance.
  • If the customer placed an order and don’t use the service and they just want to issue a refund (change mind), we accept refund requests and we will charge 12% as refunding fees for the amount of the order.
  • We will not be able to process refund for any remaining balance lower than 50% of the original purchased balance including the refunding charge.
  • We offer refunding to the customer wallet (store credit) on our online store and the wallet balance can be used for future purchases or we can refund to the original payment method that was used to place the order.

We will notify you if there will be refund or cancellation fees according to your purchased product(s) and/or your payment method before we accept and start the processing of your request.

Please, refer to our complete terms and conditions at