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We are proud to announce our new payment option that was recently added to our online store which is Amazon Pay.

Amazon Pay allow you to place an order and pay for it by using your Amazon existing Account or by creating a new one.


After you add the required item(/s) to your cart, you can go to your cart and as shown in the opposite picture, you can find the Amazon Pay payment option is located be the proceed to checkout option.

Just click on it and it will redirect you to Amazon website to login with your credentials and select the payment option you want then it will return back to our online store and will provide most of the required details for the checkout process.

Then you can proceed with the checkout and review the details of your order and then you can place the order and make the payment.


As you can see here, it asks you to login to your Amazon existing Account or you can create one if you don’t have.


As shown in this picture, you can preview the details of the address that will be provided to us by Amazon as well as you payment method.

Also, you can change this if you want and make the required adjustments and modifications.

Then you can click on the “Continue to checkout” option.


Also, you can find the Amazon Pay option during the checkout through the checkout page at the top of it as shown in the opposite picture.

And you can login the same way as described above and proceed with your order.

This option will save your time and speed the process up as you are not required to fill in all the details during the checkout as it will be provided by Amazon for you, even if you don’t have an Amazon account, at least you will need to do it once and in the future, it will ready for you just in seconds.

We hopefully that this new feature will make it easier for you to process payment and place your order, with just few clicks.

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