Payphone calling card

Payphone calling card with no surcharge

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Payphone prepaid phone calling card

Payphone calling card with no surcharge

Pay Phone prepaid phone calling card are now available, which works from school, work, hotels, military camp and correctional facilities or from any place where the normal phone lines are not allowed.

Get it now for as low as $20.

Visit our website at (PayPhone prepaid phone calling card).
Service provided by Clear Telecom.

By using this payphone (pay phone) calling card with no surcharge.

You will be able to get access to a dialing system from any payphone for free.

Because we don’t apply any surcharge or connection fees from payphone.

You will pay only for the connected calls without any extra or hidden fees.

So, you will pay only for what you use.

Therefore, you will have a full control on what you pay for what you use.

Don’t completely trust the service and want to be sure of the service before you pay.

We welcome you for free testing of the service before you buy.

Just submit a testing request through the contact us page and we will create a testing account for you and you can test the service before you buy it.

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